Best Commuter E-Bikes

Commuter e-bikes are designed for going to work, school or just around town without breaking a sweat. They are for riders who would pedal a conventional bike, say, 20 miles to work and back every day. But all  this pedaling is not only exhausting, it just gets you to work in a muck sweat. Yet with an e-bike the ride is simply fun and sweat-free.

So now, people who would never have dreamt of biking to work, except in a nightmare, can now actually enjoy it.

Commuter e-bikes are also known as hybrid e-bikes because they have the wheels of a road bike (small to thin tires) and the handlebars of a mountain bike. This combination makes for good riding comfort and maneuverability.

Reminder: when choosing any e-bike, please consider the other important factors beyond its style explained in our E-Bike Buyer’s Tips.

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