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put joy in your ride

Our Mission: Electric Bikes for All

Yes. Our name says it all. And it is all about you and how we can introduce you to the exciting world of the electric bike. And if you ride a regular bike, or used to, it's about putting joy back in your ride.

Electric Bikes for All means function, fun, and fitness for all. “For all” means that we offer e-bikes tailored to all those who can enjoy the benefits of e-bikes that are designed for both general and many specific applications. There is an e-bike for every purpose.

We Are Electric Bike Experts

We are e-bike specialists. We are knowledgeable and passionate about the e-bikes we sell, whether they are cruiser e-bikes, commuter e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, cargo e-bikes, or other types and their accessories. 

We are also passionate about our wonderful brands and suppliers. We are proud to represent them and they are the best in the business. The world of the electric bicycle is constantly changing and our manufacturers work hard to bring the best in e-bike technology to market. 

Above all, we are passionate about serving our customers. Our customers are the "All" that our name stands for. Our customers are all ages and we have an e-bike to satisfy all interests. Our customers range from seniors getting back in the game to juniors just getting started. They include commuters, campers, mountain trail enthusiasts, delivery people

About our Founders

Company owners, Barbara and Tony Brunner, are an example of what we mean. They used to enjoy regular bike riding but knee and foot surgeries seemed to put an end to that. So, a couple of years ago, for them, the “Eureka and Hallelujah!” moment of discovering the e-bike allowed them to rediscover the bicycle for both fun and fitness. They also found that e-bikes under the butts of three generations of a family are great physical equalizers! They let all members of the family keep up with each other and enjoy long bike rides together.

And there’s an a e-bike for you too!

E-bikes (in no particular order):

  • Suit all ages and body types
  • Are for fun and fitness for all
  • Can help overcome limitations of age and health challenges
  • Let seniors rediscover the enjoyment of youth
  • Help overcome hills
  • Are an eco-friendly way to travel
  • Are a whole new biking experience
  • Are a fast, cheap, and no-sweat commute
  • Are made for quiet enjoyment of the great outdoors
  • Are made for every special purpose (commuting, mountain trails, camping, fishing, hunting, hauling shopping or other cargo, cruising beaches or snow trails, or just tooling around the neighborhood). And, of course there is dual purpose. You can use your mountain e-bike to commute to work on your mountain bike.

PLUS “For all” also means that we offer an e-bike for all budgets. E-bikes are a lot more expensive than regular bikes. However. we offer financing to help with this hurdle.

But are they that expensive? At first glance, it sure seems so! But how much would you pay for a vehicle that got you 4 cents per mile and is fun with it? Especially if you are a commuter! Find out more in our FREE Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide. Download your copy at the link. Alternatively, check out our (much shorter) E-Bike Buyer's Tips.

Nonetheless, an electric bike does amount to a significant investment. So we want to make your purchase as fully informed, easy, risk-free and comfortable as possible for you. Here is how we do it and why you should buy from us:

We are e-bike specialists and authorized dealers for our nationwide network of suppliers and ship directly from their warehouses. This eliminates the cost of maintaining and staffing a brick and mortar store, and allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Plus Our Commitment to You


A fully informed buyer is a confident buyer. Since you have reached this site, you are likely new to the word of electric bikes. Not that long ago, we were new too. And it is a major part of our mission here to bring you up to speed. We would encourage you to take a look at our free Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide . It is quite short (about 20 pages) but covers all you really need to know. Or check out our FAQ page, or E-bike Buyer Tips.

And here is an entertaining and informative video introduction:

This video t was published in 2014. There has been a lot of progress since then, especially in battery technology.

Buying an electric bike is a big decision. And we are here to make sure you make the right decision for you. If you have questions, call us at 877-GR8TBIKE [877-478-2453] or start a chat at the bottom right of the page, or email us at support@electricbikesforall.com. Don’t hesitate. We are here to help.

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