Clearsale Fraud Protection

Clearsale | Electric Bikes for All

Electric Bikes for All has partnered with Clearsale, a company providing state-of-the-art ecommerce protection for legitimate credit card holders and online merchants alike. Clearsale's systems almost immediately detect potential credit card fraud. Click on the info-graphics further below for some perspective.

In an age of pervasive identity theft and credit card theft, online merchants are forced to be very careful with their online transactions. We are confident that our customers will understand and appreciate this. And for our part, we are just as careful of our customers, for whom 100% satisfaction is our Number 1 goal.

Other (more than 2500) Clearsale partners include Walmart, Staples, Sony. Avon, Chanel. Calvin Klein, and Ray-Ban.

How it works: It's pretty much instantaneous. Within an hour (or less) of an order being placed, Clearsale advises us of any risk of fraud or an irregular transaction. This process does not in any way obstruct a legitimate purchase and more than 99% of the time the issue never even comes up. 

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