Best Fat Tire E-Bikes

Fun, Cool & Versatile

The Fat Tire e-bike (or just fat ebike for short) is the dune buggy of the bicycle world. These are literally go-anywhere all terrain e-bikes. They’ll handle  anything from city streets, to sandy beaches, to deserts and snow trails, and the great outdoors generally. The are “ all weather” and in windy conditions you will love their stability.

Fat ebikes look like fun and they are fun. And they are great for any purpose, from casual tooling around the neighborhood to serious hunting.

What makes the fat tire ebike different from other e-bikes is its large volume, low pressure tires.  itself, These are generally around 4 inches wide and prevent the fat bike from sinking into sand or snow and give it great traction.  It is also great for feeling confident in higher speed turns on regular road surfaces. Fat tire e-bikes also generally have sturdier frames than other e-bikes

Plus, an often overlooked benefit of the fat tire on the fat tire electric bike, certainly in a commuter or cruiser electric fat tire bike, is that it can often eliminate costly front and rear suspension systems. This is because the tires themselves provide a great cushioned ride.

Fat Tire Electric Bike Brands 

We carry fat tire ebikes by Ecotric, Emojo, Micargi, Nakto, Rambo and X-Treme

Fat Tire Electric Bike Prices

Our fat tire e-bikes range from only $799 up to $4,999 for a top of the line Rambo hunting bike.

Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

And if you want a take anywhere, store anywhere fat tire e-bike, check out our Emojo Lynx folding models below.

Pro Tip

Remember: when choosing any e-bike, please consider the other important factors beyond its style explained in our E-Bike Buyer Tips.

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$1,524.00 $1,374.00

Emojo LYNX 500W Folding E-Bike

$2,699.99 $2,499.99


$3,999.99 $3,699.99

Rambo CAMO R750XPS

$3,999.99 $3,699.99


$4,699.99 $4,499.99


$4,699.99 $4,499.99

Rambo CAMO R1000XPC

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