Best E-Bikes for Men

The principal feature of an e-bike designed for the male market is the crossbar frame.

As we explain in our  E-Bike Buyer Guide, the presence of a crossbar in a bike is really an historical accident to do with stiffening the frame of the bicycle in an age of inferior materials. This was also at a time when it was almost only men who rode bicycles. Women did not ride them until the introduction of the (structurally weaker) step through frame.

So in this way, it became ingrained in the male psyche that no manly man would be seen dead  on a “woman’s bike.” Nonetheless, there are some excellent reasons of safety why older and less agile men should consider a step through frame. Basically, in the event  of an accident with a crossbar bike the rider will get tangled up in it and go down with it. Whereas with a step through bike the rider simply steps away from it.

Reminder: when choosing any e-bike, please consider the other important factors beyond its style explained in our E-Bike Buyer Tips.

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